death becomes you

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: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


death becomes you will be a feature-length documentary film which will explore people's attitudes, beliefs, and perspectives on death.


death becomes you is a a feature documentary exploring people's attitudes, beliefs, and perspectives on death. The film will follow the after-death path the body takes before being placed in its final resting place. Integral to the film will be observing and speaking with individuals who intersect with this process, spending time with the various individuals whose daily work is involved with a recently departed human being. The film's focus will be on the people who “touch the body”.


By spending time with individuals who deal with death in a daily and physical way, and by allowing these subjects to openly discuss their own individual perspectives on death, my goal is to subtly lead the viewer to look within themselves to ask questions that many people are afraid to discuss openly and honestly. My hope is that the film will generate open and honest discussion of death and how we perceive it.


Chris Farina - Producer, Writer, Director


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