What If, Right Now...?

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Post-Production


Based on the highly critically acclaimed short story, "Victory Lap," by George Saunders WHAT IF, RIGHT NOW…? is about a tragedy that doesn’t happen. It’s about a moment when life has the potential to become brutal and catastrophic, but doesn’t because two teenagers awaken in time to reality, in a way they never have before, and discover they have the agency to affect their circumstance and prevent a potential, life-altering trauma.


Fourteen-year-old Alison Pope, taking advantage of being home alone, dances around her house in anticipation of a later recital entirely lost in her imagination. Her fantasy is interrupted by a stranger who comes to the door and, before she knows it, is dragging her through her backyard towards his van.

Next door, Kyle Boot (15), has just come home from school to a empty house and a “work note” from his father outlining a task he must complete as part of his chores. He rails against his strict parents in a way he never would in their presence.

Kyle sees Alison beging dragged though her yard. He decides against intervening, but finds himself sprinting toward her. He frees Alison by throwing a rock at the assailant’s head. The new sense of power he experiences is so seductive it overtakes him, causing him to be in jeopardy of killing Alison’s would-be kidnapper. But just in time Alison intervenes, preventing a murder as the authorities arrive on the scene.




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