An Infinite Number

: Hybrid Short
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Pre-Production


An Infinite Number is an animated short film about the extinction of a bird.




Once the most populous bird on the planet, passenger pigeons numbered in the billions. They migrated in three-hundred mile long flocks that could eclipse the sun for days. The birds overwhelmed the forests of North America, much like the bison dominated the Great Plains, in what naturalist Aldo Leopold called a “biological storm.” An Infinite Number will capture this spectacle and dramatize the extinction of the species.

An Infinite Number is based on descriptions found in newspapers, magazines, and diaries in the collection of the New York Public Library. Because the flocks vanished before the invention of the movie camera, the story will be told with hand-drawn animation. The running time will be approximately thirteen minutes.


Anthony Sherin - Producer/Director

Anthony’s award-winning short film, Solo Piano – NYC, was selected as one of the outstanding photo projects of today by the 2013 Look3 Festival of the Photograph and was featured in the New York Times’ Op-Docs Series. Solo, Piano – NYC is screening at festivals around the world and was released theatrically in Russia in 2013.

His documentary, ORIGINAL INTENT: The Battle for America, aired on PBS in 2009.

Anthony trained with several Academy Award winning film editors and is himself an accomplished editor. His editing credits include THE CURE (Universal), A SOLDIER’S SWEETHEART (Paramount/Showtime), and FIRST TIME FELON (HBO). He edited ONE YEAR LEASE, winner of the best short documentary award at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

Anthony Schepperd - Lead Animator

Anthony is an animator and director of commercials and award-winning music videos. He has delivered for a wide range of clients, from Nike and Google to NinjaTunes and the Rauch Bros. His work has been featured countless times in monthly commercial publications like Stash and Videographer. He continues to inspire students through college lectures and guest critiques. Always driving to work with animation as a force of expression, Anthony brings a uniquely artistic vision to personal and commercial projects.

Jennifer Sonntag - Associate Producer and Fundraiser

Jennifer was a recipient of the Marjorie Hope Nicolson Fellowship at Columbia University, where she spent time working on a doctoral dissertation on ecology and the American Literary Gothic. She has been a research assistant to Columbia University professors Edward Said and Simon Schama, and has worked on film productions for the BBC as well as the Academy Award nominated directors Tim Sternberg and Markus Imhoof. She has also worked as a membership liaison and beekeeper at NRDC. Most recently she was an outreach consultant for Mr. Imhoof's award-winning film MORE THAN HONEY. She writes about honeybee decline and other topics central to the Anthropocene. 


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