Madina's Dream

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


With unprecedented and truly intimate access, this film will transport viewers to Sudan's wartorn Nuba Mountains, a strange, and ruggedly beautiful region where the Nuban people face bombs and starvation while struggling to survive.


In Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, the Nuban people eke out an agrarian subsistence while defending themselves against a national government that seeks to destroy their identity through “Arabization,” subverting their human rights or simply erasing them from the map.

A few hundred thousand refugees fled ground fighting, aerial bombing and hunger. The government’s most insidious weapon is starvation, blocking all humanitarian aid from the region.

Drawing on 250 hours of unique footage, the film explore personal stories of rebels, refugees, and civilians still trapped in the conflict zone.


Focusing primarily on Nuba, the objective is to raise awareness of the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, Darfur, and Blue Nile.

Coverage has been greatly overshadowed by conflicts in Libya, Syria, and Egypt. The film will be released on TV and streamed on internet outlets throughout the world.

It will also be made available to outlets that reach the Sudanese population. The government-controlled media provides a very one-sided narrative. Increasing awareness within Sudan may have a greater impact on ameliorating the crisis than external changes in policy.


Andrew Berends - Director / Cinematographer

Andrew Berends was awarded the International Documentary Association “Courage Under Fire” award for his film The Blood of My Brother about an Iraqi family whose oldest son was killed by an American patrol. Also filmed in Iraq, When Adnan Comes Home was awarded Best Documentary at Vail Film Festival.

Berends’ most recent film Delta Boys, which explores the militancy in the oil-rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria, was supported by the Sundance Documentary Film Fund, The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Film Fund, and Cinereach.

Ashley Jenkins - Editor

Ash Jenkins is a filmmaker, director, editor and music producer now living in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ash started his career working for Director Nick Broomfield where the duo worked closely in post-production on the films His Big White Self (2005), Ghosts (2006) and Battle For Haditha (2008).

Upon leaving Broomfield's realm in West Sussex, Ash walked onto a film that seemed like it was to be a great success even from its concept stage. The film was Afghan Star (2009) about an "X Factor" style music competition in Afghanistan for which Ash found himself journeying to Kabul.

Mariah Wilson - Co-Producer

Mariah Wilson has produced series for National Geographic, A&E, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, PBS, History Channel, Weather Channel, VICE Media, and The Smithsonian Institution.

In 2009 she completed her first feature-length documentary Revealing Hate, about the white supremacist movement in America today. The film played film festivals across the country and garnered several awards. It aired on PBS, LINK TV, and Russia Today.

Mariah most recently completed Volunteer, about eco-volunteering
experiences in Uganda and Fiji that touch on worldwide poaching issues.

Alessandra Bellizia - Assistant Producer

Alessandra Bellizia is a freelance producer who has worked on projects for HBO Family & Documentary, National Geographic Channel, Ogilvy & Mather, and Tribeca Films; and produced content for clients including Google, Adobe and Spotify.

Last year, she worked as Post-Production Supervisor on Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story (which premiered at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival), for which she received the 2013 FOCAL International Award for Best Use of Footage in a Factual Production. She is currently producing a feature documentary about the effects of aging on people living with AIDS.

Niam Itani - Associate Producer

Niam Itani is a Lebanese independent filmmaker with a background in TV production where she worked for five years at Al Jazeera Channel in Doha, Qatar. Itani received several awards for her short fim “Super.Full.” which played at the Venice Film Festival (2012). She holds an MFA in Screenwriting from Hollins University (Virginia) and a BA in Communication Arts from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. Her recently founded company in Beirut, placeless films, is interested in producing and co-producing films that bring social and human rights issues to the fore.


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