After Ella

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: In Distribution


Hope is a successful photographer. Introverted and quiet, she appears in contrast with the glamorous environment she evolves in. When Hope learns that her sister Ella has passed away, reality hits her until she receives a text message from her...


Hope is a successful photographer. Introverted and quiet, her demeanor plays in stark contrast to her glamorous work environment. When she learns that her sister Ella has passed away, Hope is stunned... until she begins to receive text messages from her. Are they for real? Using art as a tool for recovery, Hope begins to accept the fatality of death. She will evoke her sister's presence - alive and in memoriam.


In my recent productions, I have explored Memory, Identity, and now Loss.
My aesthetic approach is to visually capture Hope’s abstract state of mind. There is no balance in Hope’s life anymore, we feel it in the way the shots are framed... deep, low angle shots, extreme close ups...we are in Hope’s mind, embedded in her skin. We feel the absence and how it resonates through her mind and body. I want to express this unfathomable emptiness. Raw emotions affecting a talented artist and conveyed through beautiful cinematography. Inextricably linked to the "tree" she is creating for a gallery show, Hope is fighting to be reborn.


Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness - Director, writer, producer

Award-wining producer and filmmaker Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness is a specialist in the adaption of theater and film across multiple media and languages. Hartness has been involved as actress, writer and producer in films appearing in festivals in Cannes, Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and Venice. Born in Paris, France she completed research work at la Sorbonne in 2001, and has accumulated experience in various independent multimedia production formats, including screenwriting, literature, translation, television, theater and film. Her latest productions Photographic Memory, by R. McElwee premiered at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, broadcast on ARTE and Indelible Lalita, by J. Mallozzi broadcast on PBS World in 2013. Hartness is currently producing Michel Negroponte's new film The Autobiography of Michelle Maren, an IFP Independent Week 2013 selection. Hartness has been a Harvard guest speaker in Production and Screenwriting.

Adriane Giebel - Editor

Giebel has worked extensively as a director, editor and producer in documentary and scripted film, as well as for commercial clients and music video. Her recent editor work includes pieces for ITVS, the Prospect Park Alliance, Planned Parenthood, Gagosian Gallery, Maybelline, Tory Burch, Victoria's Secret, Nine West, Estée Lauder, and Pamela Love. Recent producer credits include Michael Moore’s CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY and THEATER OF WAR, a doc about Bertolt Brecht featuring Meryl Streep and Tony Kushner. She holds film degrees from Harvard and New York University and lives in New York's East Village.

Gus Sacks - Cinematographer

Gus Sacks is a Director of Photography working in New York City. He has shot numerous award-winning features and shorts, such as Things I Don't Understand, Anosmia and Halfway Somewhere Else a short film selected in 2013 Cannes film Festival.


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UPDATE - September 23, 2014

After Ella screening at The Cannes International Film Festival 2014

May 17 at 12:15 PM Palais des Festivals

UPDATE - September 23, 2014

After Ella wins First Prize Directorial Discovery Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival 2014

UPDATE - January 02, 2014

 Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness has been selected for the Berlinale Talents 2014.

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