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Shaken by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters, a young woman returns to a rural Japanese artist community to reconnect with her estranged parents.


Shaken by the Japanese tsunami, earthquake and nuclear disasters, a young woman returns from New York City to Kasama. In a rural artist community 90 miles south of the Fukushima nuclear reactors, she turns the camera on her aging parents who live a lifestyle centered on art and nature. Interwoven with stories of the disasters, the family's tragic history is slowly revealed - of a tumultuous marriage and family life, which ultimately led her parents to abandon her by the age of sixteen. Meditative moments at the pottery wheel punctuated by tense family conversations, sudden earthquakes, and radiation level readings, “Kasamayaki” exposes the bittersweet process of coming to terms with an imperfect life, and the healing power of creativity.


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Yuki Kokubo - Director, DP, Editor

Yuki is a filmmaker and freelance video producer based in New York City. Raised in an artists’ community in rural Japan, Yuki Kokubo and her family relocated to the US when she was 8-years-old. She began photographing as a teenager and attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. More recently, Yuki attended School of Visual Arts for MFA in Social Documentary Film. Yuki's first film, Kasamayaki, was selected for IFP's 2013 Documentary Filmmaker Labs. 

Keiko Deguchi - Consulting Editor

Keiko Deguchi has edited award winning documentary films such as Jeremiah Zagar’s “In A Dream”, Linda Hattendorf’s “The Cats of Mirikitani” and Jason DaSilva’s “When I Walk.” She has edited over 30 feature length films, including documentaries and narratives. She is the recipient of James Lyons Editing Award at Woodstock Film Festival in 2008.

Jesse Peterson - Composer

Jesse Peterson lives in Los Angeles and records music that will brighten your day or give solace in times of trouble. His collaborations with Carlos Niño have been released under the name Turn On The Sunlight. He has performed solo and/or with TOTS in the US, Japan and Europe. He is currently working on a record with his wife, singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd.


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