The Boy

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: In Distribution


The Boy is a horror film about an immigrant African family that performs a dangerous ritual on their son who they believe is possessed by evil.


The Boy is a horror/thriller about how far one African family will go to save their son from the demons that they believe he is possessed by. When immigrant parents start to notice disturbing behavior in their only son, they call on a local tribal healer to rid their son of the “demon.” After a grueling ritual we learn that nothing is what it seems and their son may not be possessed after all – he’s just gay. Will the family believe he was simply born this way or will they continue with a ritual that could result in the boy’s death? Dark, mysterious and horrific are just a few of the words that describe the rituals depicted in this film.


This film is important to the filmmakers because the atrocities happening to the LGBT community abroad; especially in African countries. Not only do we plan on highlighting these atrocities, we plan on examining the overlooked. The news coverage of the torture and abuse of LGBT citizens in African countries fail to mention the most vulnerable, sexually confused children. The power of the script lies in the fact that it showcases the very real horror and terror that sexually confused children face in certain countries and how even their own parents mistreat them. What we want to demonstrate is that this happens here at home in the USA as well.
Another reason this is a passion project for all involved is because we wanted to make a socially conscious horror film before we even had a premise. With “The Boy” we have created a project that fits that underexplored genre. This is an unabashed horror film inspired by true beliefs and is an honest portrayal of how some families will go to extreme lengths to stop their children from being who they are. The story is even more relevant because in some parts of the world exorcism rituals are still performed when a child is “different” from their parental expectations.
The film also gives us an opportunity to explore how race, culture, and sexuality can clash in horrific ways. Given the premise of a young child being tortured by his parents who believe they are helping him, we can explore the cognitive dissonance between hurting someone you love BECAUSE you love them.


Cayman Grant - Writer/ Director /Producer

 An award winning filmmaker, Cayman Grant, started her filmmaking career about 10 years ago. Since then she has completed several projects with one of them earning her qualification and submission into the 2009 Academy® Awards under the “Live Action Short Film” category.

Cayman's recent screenplay, The Landlord's Game was a semi-finalist in the Slamdance Screenplay Competition and the winner of the Emerging Screenwriter’s Screenplay Contest. A recent participant in the NBC Writers on the Verge Program, Cayman has sold her first series to CBS Studios and has a film coming out in early 2015 as part of the ESPN 30 for 30 Series titled Goodfellas Goes to College. Her most recent film, Butterflies, will be hitting the film festival circuit this upcoming Fall, 2014.

She is repped by CAA and the Laurelmont Management Group.

Cale Finot - Cinematographer

Raised in Atlanta, GA, Cale Finot has been making movies from the age of 8. After many films shot with his father's VHS recorder, Cale was determined to convince his high school to create a multi media productions class with an emphasis on film production. He won that battle and after he received a full academic scholarship to Georgia State University and graduated with a BFA in cinematography, Cale followed his passion and moved to Los Angeles, CA. He worked as a camera technician at Panavision Hollywood where he networked and met many cinematographers and camera assistants. He went on to freelance as a camera assistant working for many renowned cinematographers on award winning TV shows and films such as Boston Legal, Monk, Tears of the Sun, Up in The Air & most recently, Draft Day.

For the past several years, Cale has been a freelance cinematographer shooting various award winning feature films, music videos, commercials, and short films. He is repped by The Gersh Agency.

James Peoples - Co-Writer / Producer

James is a Tennessee native who moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in screenwriting.He’s always had a passion for creating fiction that pushes the boundaries of pop culture. Since then his work has been featured in several notable film festivals including BET Urban World, The Las Vegas Film Festival, The Beverly Hills Film Festival and the Charleston Film Festival. James’s short film “Where Truth Lies” has also been featured in several film festivals including the ITLA film festival in Atlanta. His web-series, “Odessa”, has been featured in the NBC Diversity showcase and won the coveted SyFy Channel Imagine Greater award. James has made it his mission to create bold new works of horror and science fiction as well as bringing a new voice to the LGBT film community.


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