: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


GROUNDERS is a heartfelt personal documentary about a women's softball league in Brooklyn, New York.  The games, the teams and the players that take the field.


GROUNDERS captures the dynamic personalities and compelling life stories of a diverse group of women who play softball together in Brooklyn, New York.  While exploring an inside view of a unique sub-culture, a thoughtful and uplifting revelation of their community emerges.


GROUNDERS tells a story that holds within it many other stories.  


Melanie Hope - Director

 Melanie Hope is filmmaker, poet and playwright based in Brooklyn, New york.  Her work has appeared in the Melbourne Queer Film & Video Fest, Reeling: The Chicago Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Frameline, Black Lesbian & Gay Pride Day (Washington, D.C.), Inside Out Collective (Toronto, Canada), Atlanta Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Women in the Director's Chair (Chicago), and the SF Black Film Festival.


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