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: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Completed


"[Plant] is as close as yachting gets to a James Dean character, going his own way, in his own time, but always with an eye to the sea."  Barbara Lloyd, New York Times


The inspiring story of legendary American sailor, Mike Plant. Spanning the decade from his arrival in professional offshore sailing in the mid 80's, the film follows Plant's daring spirit as he challenges both Mother Nature - around the world alone on a sailboat - and French dominance in the sport. Chronically underfunded and undermanned, Plant's thirst for adventure and fearless belief in his dreams drive him to become an American hero of the sea. His wild blue eyes and boyish good looks make it hard to consider Plant's life before competitive sailing included a solo trek of South America, an escape from Interpol on a drug trafficking charge and time behind bars in a Portuguese prison. Yet, these exploits and others reveal the type of restless soul capable of conquering the world's oceans alone. Despite all that he accomplishes in sailing, Plant's heart is never satisfied. His final creation, Coyote, a radically designed vessel built on the edge of speed and safety, symbolizes Plant's course in life: running before the wind, always with an eye to the sea.


Our minds are wired with contradiction about the path we choose in the world: we are born to run free and chase our dreams, yet feel compelled -- so often by social influence, family pressures or the like -- to trust a cage of commandments and follow the traditional course... a course that often leaves our true aspirations behind. Mike Plant, the centerpiece of COYOTE, is a bold reminder that the road to our true purpose is around every corner if we choose, and the human heart -- despite its flaws and bruises from the endurance of life -- is capable of chasing extraordinary dreams.

Director Thomas Simmons took a left turn from the traditional path (read: corporate finance) three years ago to pursue his dream of sharing Mike Plant's story on the screen. Mike was Thomas' uncle and in many ways his hero. Thomas has navigated the course of his first film much like Mike campaigned his first race around the world -- on the heels of zero experience, equipped with a core belief in the mission and the message it conveys to others: take a risk and face your dreams head on... life is a great adventure.


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