Ghosts of the Republic

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


GHOSTS OF THE REPUBLIQUE follows Aurelien and Nicolas, who, when confronted by France’s conservative surrogacy laws, decide to exhaust their last option by traveling to Las Vegas to start a family of their own through international surrogacy. Through the lens of one family, this film demonstrates the extreme lengths many gay couples go to have children, highlighting the ever-expanding and controversial surrogacy industry.


Marriage equality has become a reality for LGBT couples around the world—but once marriage is “accepted”—what comes next?

To create a family—options are limited. Adoption and surrogacy remain outlawed in many countries. The system is complicated, unregulated, and very expensive. But for some couples, it's their only hope.

Ghosts of the République is a documentary film following the compelling story of a newlywed gay couple in France who are forced to break French law during their journey to have a child. Without support from the government, Nicolas and Aurelien have turned to the U.S. to have a baby through a surrogate. Their surrogate gave birth to a healthy baby girl on October 15th, but the future of their unborn baby’s life is largely unknown.

Hand in hand with the stress of bringing their baby back to France, Nicolas and Aurelien must face the very real possibility that their baby will not be recognized as their own, or even as a citizen, when they return home. Will they be recognized as parents? Will they be accepted by society? Or will their child grow up as one of the increasing number of "Ghosts of the République": Children in France who are not recognized by the law. Children with no legal parents. Children who are lost in a system that fails to acknowledge them as part of any family.

Ghosts of the République will help bring to light to the story of the modern families that are being created every day around the world. The film will explore the “business” of commercial surrogacy, the technological advancement, its regulation, and most importantly, the emotional investment of “hope". With inside access to every step of the process to have a child via surrogate, from selecting an egg donor through the birth of the child, this film provides an exclusive look into an international surrogacy journey that has never been executed before.


“This story is very important to tell at this point in history” says filmmaker Jonathon Narducci. “We’ve achieved marriage equality in the US and other countries around the world, but today’s laws are far from clear when it comes to surrogacy, and that’s where things really get interesting…” He added, “the idea of what a family is, is one of the most coveted values in our society, and GHOSTS OF THE REPUBLIQUE can show us that the definition of family is constantly changing.”


Jonathon Narducci - Director/Producer

Director Jonathon Narducci is an award-winning commercial and music video director and cinematographer. Narducci’s first feature-length film “Love Me,” was featured in 13 international film festivals and has been distributed to dozens of countries around the world in 8 different languages. Jonathon studied at the University of Iowa, where he received his Bachelors in Film Studies with a focus in Documentary Filmmaking. His previous works have been featured internationally at the International Film Festival at Rotterdam, Hotdocs Documentary Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival and New Orleans Film Festival. “Ghosts of the Republique” is Jonathon’s sophomore feature-length documentary.


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