Double Effect

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


A minister attempts to keep a senior citizens home out of the hands of real estate developers, and falls down a rabbit hole of sex, politics and hubris.


Michael, a young and idealistic minister leads a church in a gentrifying part of Brooklyn. He joins a group trying to keep a seniors residence in the neighborhood from being sold to a real estate developer and turned into luxury housing. Michael clashes with ambitious NYC council speaker (and seminary classmate) Lamarr Noble, who pragmatically supports a policy change that would allow the sale.

A secret revealed in the third act leads to a downward spiral that consumes Michael and Noble. Double Effect asks if it’s ever okay to do a horrible thing for a good reason.


Two men who had a great impact on my life were my childhood pastor and the retired pastor of my current church. Both are white men who embraced working in predominately working-class communities of color. However, their passion and commitment to social change did not mask their mortal flaws. I have always been interested in (and at points involved with) political activism. Double Effect will touch on gentrification & affordable housing—timely & emotional subjects where I live in Brooklyn, N.Y. One aim I have with this film is to challenge perceptions of what it means to be a Christian and an activist.


Faith Pennick - director/writer/co-producer

Faith Pennick’s latest film is Weightless, a documentary short about plus-sized female scuba divers. Pennick directed, produced and co-edited Weightless, which aired on (what was formerly) The Documentary Channel, and is now streaming on Indieflix. She directed, produced and edited Silent Choices, a documentary about the impact of abortion on the lives of African Americans. Pennick wrote, directed, produced and edited the narrative short Running on Eggshells, which aired on U.S. television in the fall of 2007. She also produced the narrative short film Harlem Sistas Double Dutch for the WNET film series Reel New York.

Franses Simonovich - producer

Franses Simonovich produced the HBO documentary His Way, and was a line producer on the documentary Muscle Shoals. She also production coordinated or supervised numerous narrative feature films (Warrior, The Road, Factory Girl) and TV shows (Weeds, Ally McBeal). Simonovich was an associate producer on the Fox Television Studios/USA Network series Complications. Simonovich and Pennick met while working on a thesis film production at NYU, and have been friends ever since.


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