The Cadillac Tramps - Life On the Edge

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


The Cadillac Tramps have survived success, failure, addiction, jail, wives, kids, and real jobs. Now their irreplaceable front man battles the ravages of Hep C to stay alive for his five-year-old son and cement his punk rock legacy.


In 1988, two young men met in a drug rehab in Orange County, California, and started a band called The Cadillac Tramps. No one could have guessed they would go on to be one of the most highly revered, if relatively unknown, O.C. punk rock bands of all time.

Today, despite their ill-timed break-up in 1994 (just as the O.C. music scene was exploding worldwide), the bond of brotherhood persists, and, in the face of their legendary lead singer's failing health, The Cadillac Tramps still play sold-out shows to rabid fans who never get tired of their unique brand of music.


Although many rock docs chronicle the dysfunction of bands who almost made it, The Cadillac Tramps: Life On The Edge also tells the unique story of a punk legend’s quest for immortality and meaning amidst the looming spectre of death from drug-induced illness.

As The Cadillac Tramps have consistently been a gritty outlaw band, we aim to create an edgy, cinéma vérité peek behind the curtain at the band's tumultuous 27-year relationship, exploring both the profound impact they made on the landscape of '90s pop music and the consequences--good and bad--of life on the edge.


Jamie Sims Coakley - Producer/Director/Cinematographer

Jamie is an entrepreneur, musician, and writer with a vast portfolio of creative works, including five full-length records—four with her former band, WAXAPPLES—and a mixed-media art project called Intersecting(LA). An accomplished performer who's shared the stage with Social Distortion, X, The Violent Femmes, The B-52’s, and countless others, Jamie has consistently stayed ahead of the curve, pioneering viral videos for her band in 2005 and crowd-sourcing $7,000 for her album, Glitter and Grime, two full years before Kickstarter was launched.

Marc Masciandaro - Producer/Editor

An award-winning editor and Directors Guild member, Marc has penned three feature-length scripts and written and directed five short films. His psychological thriller, Impostor, produced in collaboration with Oscar-winning cinematographer Daniel Katz, won Best Short at both the Coney Island Film Festival and the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. A finalist in the Disney/ABC-DGA Directing Program, he has art directed for ABC News Nightline, taught screenwriting at ESRA Film School New York, and script supervised on commercial shoots for VH1 and Discovery Channel.


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UPDATE - February 16, 2016

 It's been a crazy two years since we started working on the doc and after a successful Kickstarter at the end of 2015 in which we raised $58,000 in 30 days we are about to lock picture and finish this baby up!  Super excited to see this project come to life and to get to share it with you guys this summer.  Thanks for the support and feel free to contact me, Jamie Sims Coakley, with any questions or comments!



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