: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Completed


Every Body Deserves Respect!

A feature-length documentary that exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice and then offers an alternative way of thinking.



Fattitude is a feature length, full-color, documentary film that examines how popular media perpetuates the fat hatred and fat-shaming that results in a very real cultural bias and a civil rights issue for people who are living in fat bodies. Fattitude is the brain-child of filmmakers Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman – self-proclaimed pop-culture junkies with academic feminist backgrounds. A dynamic team, Averill and Lieberman possess the filmmaking, scholarly, writing, editing and production skills to relay the complex and intersectional reality of fat prejudice in Western Culture. Currently, there exists no film that truly examines this issue – an issue that affects not only fat people but also anyone who hates his or her body or anyone who may someday become fat.




  • Feature length documentary
  • In post-production
  • Ran a successfully kickstarter campaign to fund production
  • Film features a diverse variety of voices such as academic scholars, activists, Hollywood types (directors, writers and actors) and psychologists. For example:

    • Rebecca Puhl,
    • Linda Bacon
    • Jackson Katz
    • Marilyn Wann,
    • Sonya Renee Taylor,
    • Virgie Tovar,
    • Jen Posner,
    • Lindy West,
    • Ricki Lake,
    • Savannah Dooley and Winne Holzman,
    • Guy Branum,
    • Tess Munster,
    • Andrew Walen and many others.
  • Fattitude tips its hat to other documentaries that  critique the media as a perpetrator of unchecked cultural prejudice, such as The Celluloid Closet, Reel Injun, Slaying the Dragon and Miss Representation.
  • Fattitude intercuts interviews, illustrations and media clips to allow the audience to see how culture perpetuates dark and negative ideas about fat bodies.
  •  First truly expository social justice film – made by body image activists
  • Hope to gain mainstream distribution and shake the foundation upon which fat hatred is built.
  • Fattitude has been seen in media all over the world:

    • xojane,
    • Jezebel,
    • Curve,
    • El Pais,
    • Daily Mail,
    • Huffington Post Live,
    • Cosmopolitan,
    • Bitch,
    • Bustle, NPR,
    • The Dr. Oz Show,
    • Missy Magazine,
    • News24,
    • ABC.com,
    • Huffington Post Women,
    • Haaretz
    • Buzzfeed and many others. 
  • Huffington Post named the Fattitude trailer as one of the “11 Things That Helped People Everywhere Love Their Bodies In 2014.”


Viridiana Lieberman - Co-Director and Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

Viridiana Lieberman is a filmmaker and writer who lives in New York. She received her BFA in Film from the Miami International University of Art and Design. In 2008, she directed her first fictional short, The Crumbling. She also began directing a feature length documentary about an up and coming record label, Contempt Records. After two years teaching film and T.V. Production at Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, FL, she left to become an associate producer and lead editor at Crown Point Productions. Her work at Crown Point was seen on Oxygen, OLN, Ion and The Travel Network. While editing multiple shorts (Fractured Minds (2011), Table for 2 (2011), Last Run (2011), Sutures (2012), The Garg Hunter (2012) and a feature Taste It: A Comedy about the Recession (2012), Viridiana completed her M.A. in Women Studies at Florida Atlantic University in 2012. Upon graduating, she moved to New York where she began directing a feature length documentary about the musical Lesbian Love Octagon. This documentary was chosen to be workshopped at the 2013 CineSLAM Program at the Pride of the Ocean Film Festival. Also in 2013, she joined the film Back on Board: Greg Louganis as an associate producer and assistant editor. In 2014, her book Sports Heroines on Film: A Critical Study of Cinematic Women Athletes, Coaches and Owners was released by McFarland Publishing. She currently works freelance as a director, editor and cinematographer for companies including Flagpole Swim, The Greater NY Dental Meeting and Moxie Firecracker Films.

Lindsey Averill - Producer, Co-Director and Writer

Lindsey Averill is an academic, a writer, an activist and a film producer who lives in Boca Raton, FL. She completed her M.F.A in Writing from Emerson College and is A.B.D in the Comparative Studies Ph.D. Program at Florida Atlantic University. The focus of Lindsey’s research is feminism, fat civil rights and the representation of fat bodies in popular culture. Since 2005 Lindsey has worked as a college professor teaching women’s studies, literature and writing courses. She was also the chair of the English and Communications department at Keiser University from 2009 – 2011, where she supervised and evaluated the entire English and Communications Faculty and designed extensive student programming related to social justice. Lindsey is a capable leader – so much so that the Orlando Chamber of Commerce honored her for designing, implementing, and fundraising for programming that exemplified the realities of classism for over 2000 participants. Fattitude is Lindsey’s first film, however, during the pre-production and production phases Lindsey single handedly raised $44, 000 using a kickstarter campaign and managed all aspects of organizing Fattitude’s forty-eight interviews, travel plans, public relations and social media.



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