Artemis and the Astronaut

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Post-Production


Artemis & the Astronaut is about Artemis and Henri and about having to have enough love and memory for two.


Artemis & the Astronaut

One month ago, ARTEMIS lost Henri to Alzheimer's. Henri was a brilliant pianist who specialized in Bach, and today is the day his beloved piano is to be donated to a school. Artemis doesn't want to give up this precious link to her husband, but she cannot stop this donation. As Artemis roams her silent house, anger fills her empty heart. There was so much that was left unsaid as Henri's mind ebbed away.

Distracted by her anger, Artemis slips and falls in her kitchen. As she comes to, she thinks she hears Henri crying in the next room. But when she goes to him, Artemis sees an ASTRONAUT instead. Is he real? Who is he? What does he want from Artemis?

Artemis & the Astronaut is about love, memory, heartache and beauty. 


Artemis and the Astronaut is about Artemis and the loss she feels for Henri, her brilliant concert pianist husband who succumbed to Alzheimer's. I had lost a good friend to the same disease, and what I wanted most when my friend John passed away was to have the old John back. I wanted the man who knew everyone in the building and all the good gossip about them-- not the frightened, little boy crying pitifully in his bed.

As I wrote my screenplay, I realized I could to give Henri back to Artemis. Two images came to mind: a woman being embraced by "white light" and the second was of a man in an astronaut suit and helmet. With the reflective visor down, the visor's shiny surface both hides the face of the Astronaut-- much the way Henri's thoughts and emotions were hidden from Artemis, and reflects back to Artemis her own face and emotions.

There are two visual elements that are key to Artemis and the Astronaut. The story takes place within a 24-hour period. I see the film as a study of changing light where the morning light differs from late morning light as the early afternoon light differs from late afternoon light. So it is true for Artemis's moods and thoughts as the day inches towards night.

But there is another kind of light. "The twinkling lights" that first materialize as "blinding stars" when Artemis bangs her head against the kitchen counter. These lights envelope Henri and Artemis at the end of the film while they dance.

I hope this will give you a sense of the visual style and camera technique that I will use in making Artemis and the Astronaut.


Lynn Cohen - Artemis

Lynn Cohen is best known for playing Magda in the HBO series Sex and the City and the 2008 film of the same name. She played Judge Elizabeth Mizener several times on Law & Order, and has appeared in the movies Munich, Vanya on 42nd Street, Synecdoche, New York, and Eagle Eye. She also portrayed Mags in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Andrew Platner - The Astronaut

Andrew was born somewhere on this planet according to official records and his parent's memories, though those who know Andrew debate it.

He is honored to work with A. L.Lee again and on a subject matter that affects us all. During his acting career he has been honored to collaborate with Oscar-winning and Tony-nominated artists, among others. His stage work has been seen in Off-Broadway and regional theatres. Most notable is his recent portrayal of Richard III, which was met with standing ovations and critical acclaim. More information can be found at

A. Lauren Lee - Writer, Director

A. Lauren Lee received an MFA in screenwriting from Columbia University. Her screenplay The Legend of Pig-Eye, which is an adaptation of the short story with the same title by Rick Bass, won the top prize in the Columbia University Screenwriting Awards. Her film the good boy has won several awards including a Gold Remi for Original Story from Wordlfest Houston International Film Festival, and Best Film, Best Overall Acting, Best Cinematography and Best Original Music from WildSound Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. the good boy has been accepted to several festivals in the US and in Europe.

She originally trained as a violinist at the Eastman School of Music and the New England Conservatory.

She lives in New York with her husband, two sons, and two black cats.


Delicia Kuang - Producer

Delicia Kuang is an independent producer with more than seven years of experience. She has financed and produced films across Europe, Asia and North America. Her works have been shown and received awards at various film festivals.

Currently based in New York, Kuang is completing her MFA in Producing at Columbia University. Kuang received her BA in Media from University of Westminster, and her Mphil in Sociology from the University of Cambridge. She is a recipient of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Fellowship, and is also a Randle International Fellow at the School of International and Public Affairs. Kuang is a member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA) East Student Program.

Diego Jiménez - Director of Photography

Diego Jiménez is an award-winning Colombian cinematographer, who works in film and television in South America, United States and Europe. He won the 2011 Sundance World Cinema Cinematography Award in Drama for Todos tus muertos (All Your Dead Ones).

Nicole Guillemet - Executive Producer

Nicole Guillemet has worked in key positions in the film industry for 25 years. For over 15 years she served as Vice President of the Sundance Institute and Co-Director of the Sundance Film Festival. She also founded the Utah Film Center. and was the Director of the Miami International Film Festival. She was awarded the Chevalier of the ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the French government. She is an Executive Producer of The Dhamma Brothers and The Square, which received a 2014 Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature.

Katherine D'Zmura - Production Designer

Katherine D'Zmura holds an MFA in Interior Design from Parsons The New School For Design. She designs corporate interiors and works with clients across numerous industries. Her serendipitous entrance into the film world began when she was asked to be the Set Designer for A.L. Lee's short film the good boy. Katherine also founded and managed the Willamette University Feminist Film Series from 2007 to 2012 and is the recipient of the Victoria Hagan Award.



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