After Life Shifts

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Completed


Ben’s mom is diagnosed with ALS. He is forced to grow up to deal with his new circumstances. His fate brings an eerie outcome.


Ben’s mom is diagnosed with ALS. The kid is forced to grow up to deal with his new circumstances. His fate brings an eerie outcome. Miranda is a single mother who struggles to raise the two boys Ben (15) and Justin (7). She finds herself in a crucial circumstance when she is diagnosed with ALS and she has to deal with the unknown. Yet, she still needs to be present and take care of her two kids.


When I first approached the writer, Bruno Gomes and discussed with him the idea of producing a story about ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), the topic was very close to my heart since I had lost a dear friend to ALS.

After Bruno and I spoke, we immediately started to develop a story that would educate the audience. It is estimated that 20,000 Americans can have the disease at any given time. It is a disease without a cure and people know very little about it.

We decided to produce a film based on a story of a single mother (Miranda) with two kids Ben (14) and Justin (7). As a middle class family, Miranda struggles to raise her two boys, and suddenly, their lives change completely when she is diagnosed with ALS.

In order to make this story even more compelling, we decided that it should be told by Miranda’s older son’s (Ben) point of view. Seeing his mother’s progression with this horrible illness and taking it all of it in, forces Ben to grow up very fast.

To reinforce our understanding of the issue, we have conducted substantial research to better understand ALS. We want to make sure that the story helps our audience both to learn how to deal with a terminal illness and better understand ALS.

I wanted to bring this story to life because it encompasses everything I love the filmmaking for: a compelling story, outstanding characters and a strong message. The core objectives of After Life Shifts are to raise awareness about ALS and project a message of hope.


Daniel Gras Pujalt - Director

Daniel Gras Pujalt was born in Lima, Peru, to a Peruvian/Argentinian family.

He spent his childhood in Lima and Arequipa, two beautiful cities rich in traditions and cultural manifestations. At the age of eight, he and his family moved to Mendoza, Argentina.

From an early age, Daniel was drawn to artistic activities such as drawing, painting and music. Even as a young man in Mendoza, Daniel sensed that the world should consist of something more than the rituals of office life and left on a journey of self-knowledge, travelling throughout South America and Europe.

At the age of twenty he moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After great effort, he received a scholarship to the “Federal University of Media Studies in Rio the Janeiro” and graduated with honors. Through these years he participated in numerous audiovisual projects and short films. In 2009, he was hired by Brazil’s largest TV Channel – Rede Globo, where he worked as a Production Design Assistant and Assistant Art Director. Specializing in period projects, most of which were internationally recognized and honored.

In 2013, Daniel Gras Pujalt moved to New York, where he completed his master in filmmaking at The New School of Public Engagement (2014). As an artist, writer and filmmaker living in New York; Daniel a passionate storyteller continues to dedicate his life’s work to the film and TV industry.

Marcelo Remizov - Producer

Marcelo is a NY-based Brazilian-born specialist in television and film production. He has a strong academic background combined with a wide range of work experience in the field.

He holds a Master's Degree in Media and Communication from Brooklyn College (Graduated in Spring 2012) And Certificated Producer from New York Film Academy (Present) Marcelo currently works on several projects, as Producer in the production, Reality Show, Music Video and Movie, “My Secret Friend”, "Tom In America" at the Queens Pictures.

He has an extensive prior experience, of 7 years combined, and it included positions of the Production Assistant at the True Entertainment (an Endemol Company), at HITN (Hispanic Television Network, Tri -Troy Production as well as an internship at MTV -- all in New York. Marcelo has a great passion for the media and entertainment field.

Vanessa C. Campos - Producer/editor

Vanessa is a NY based producer/editor/writer/director with 9 years experience working for a fashion based studio in NYC. In addition, she produced/directed and edited a short film “Gun Control,” as well as recently working as a producer on the set of the short film, “Numb.”

Bruno Gomes - Writer

Born in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, in 1978, Bruno Gomes fell in love with movies ever since he was a kid watching as many movies as he could.

One day he decided that he should be a part of the filmmaking process. He began by writing short screenplays and a few months later his first short script, The Robbery, was produced.
As a big fan of films with surprising endings and big plot twists Bruno's stories always take the audience by surprise. Always looking to create new and different concepts, as well as modify current ones, Bruno has used techniques such as reverse storytelling and “pulling the rug out” to create riveting plot twist endings.

Adam Bertocci - Writer

Adam Bertocci is an award- winning filmmaker, screenwriter and author working in and around New York.

He as written everything from outright drama to offbeat romance to a children’s comedy starring Mickey Rooney, but he is probably best- known for the viral sensation- turned – theatrical megahit Two Gentlemen of Lebowski now published in book from by Simon & Schuster.


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