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: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
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FALLOUT is a feature documentary film that explores what happens when housewives become activists and take on a multi-billion dollar company to shutdown the countries oldest and dirtiest nuclear power plant.


FALLOUT is a feature documentary that will explore the larger role of the nuclear industry in a time when our country needs to find solutions to preserve our environment. Old and defective nuclear power plants, no comprehensive evacuation plan, unacceptable radiation exposure, poisonous rivers, vulnerable terrorist targets, and the illnesses caused by possible radiation leakage will provide the narrative thrust for a real world cross between 24 and Erin Brokovich. This is a true David and Goliath story.


Director/Producer Susan Kaplan has been involved with organizations for over 20 years that focus on the role of nuclear energy on the lives of its citizens. This is a story Ms. Kaplan has wanted to tell ever since she witnessed first hand the power of individuals taking action on Long Island to shut down the Brookhaven National Lab. She attended town meetings where parents waved their children's death certificates crying as they told the crowd how the state represented their child's death as natural causes, when in fact these children were dying of cancers due to radiation exposure. She traveled with celebrities, scientists, and environmental activists as they educated the people on Long Island about the harmful effects of radiation. Over the years it became clear that many people did not understand the whole nuclear picture. Our media outlets were not taking on this story and that this life and death story needed to be told.


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