The Web

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Horror
STATUS: Pre-Production


She knows 'everything' about you.


  A handsome man wakes up in a strange bed with a strange and beautiful girl. He soon finds out that she knows way too much about him and the horrible things she has done to his body...


 In the fall of 2015, I awoke from a startling dream. It was a very specific dream. A nightmare if you will. But, a good one. I sat down and wrote "The Web." In the vein of "Basic Instinct," "The Web" uses the male image as the victim. The female is the 'Monster.' Just how ghoulish can a human mind be? I wanted to present a very pschologically twisted 'patient' with a touch of the supernatural. Is she really capable, or is he really seeing this? Enjoy. 


Tigran Mutafyan - Director of Photography

 Award-winning Cinematographer from Armenia. One of the most revered acting coaches of Europe. 

Mikael Sharafyan - Costume Designer

 Award-winning Armenian Designer and FIDM/Los Angeles graduate.  

Matthew Colchamiro - Editor

 Award-winning Editor and third time collaborator with Mr. Riddle.

Waide Riddle - Writer, Producer & Director

 Waide is an award-winning poet, playwrite, screenwriter, filmmaker & designer. Many of his literary works are archived at UCLA Library of Special Collections, Poets House/NYC and the Simon Weisenthal Center/Museum of Tolerance. He has been published in numerous literary collections including "Best Gay Love Stories 2005," "The Horror Zine Summer Digest 2012" & "Speculative Poets of Texas 2015."

His screenplay "Dear Tom Hardy: I Love You" won five Grand Awards & five Finalist Achievements in 2017.

His screenplay "Meet Me at 3rd & Fairfax" is Nominated for Best Feature Screenplay at L.A. Live Film Fest 2018. 

He has written, produced and directed six short films including "Two Men Kissing," " Washington Park," " Lost Hills, CA," "Something Wicked Dwells-the silent film," "A Haunting in Arkansas" & "The Lines in Their Faces."

"The Web" is Mr. Riddle's seventh short film.

Waide is a member of SAG/AFTRA.

Rocky Abou-Sakher - role of Charles

 Mr. Sakher is a Stunt Coordinator/ Stunt Man in film and television. His recent credits include the remakes of "WestWorld" & "The Magnificent 7." He is also a SAG Award Nominee for his stunt work in the blockbuster hit, "LOGAN." "The Web" is his first lead role. Member SAG/AFTRA.

Camille Montgomery - role of Mira

American-British Academy of Dramatic Arts/San Francisco graduate. Member SAG/AFTRA.

Eric Brenner - role of Mira's husband

 Eric Brenner, SAG AFTRA member since 1996. Eric worked for years as a news and traffic reporter for ABC radio. A familiar face on many television and movie sets, Mr. Brenner has seven movie projects in Development as of 2018.

Michael Crane - Composer

 Award-winning Composer and third time collaborator with Mr. Riddle.

Alex Bistrevsky - Wax Figure Clown

Mr. Bistrevsky is a professional variety circus entertainer living and performing in Los Angeles. He specializes in ambient entertainment for live events, custom-tailored acts for stage shows, circus and character performance for film productions, and street performance.

Joao Bounassar - William

 Joao is a multi-award-winning Brazilian actor. He is here in America on an Artist's Visa. Joao is a professional tennis player & coach. His short film, "CHOCOLATE,"  is a critical success and film festival darling, which he was Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Utah International Film Festival. This is his third collaboration with Mr. Riddle. SAG/AFTRA EL.

Rob Crites - Circus Clown

 Mr. Crites is a professional circus entertainer.

Andrew Wofford - Line Producer

Johnny D'Esposito - Stand-in

Johnny is an actor from the stages of NYC. 


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IFP Fiscal Sponsorship Program 2019
In Competition Screenwriting Division/Sacramento International Film festival 2016
Official Selection Screenwriting Division/Sacramento International Film Festival 2016
2016 Semi-Finalist in the "Table Read My Screenplay Competition" Sundance Film Festival
Approved for Fiscal Sponsorship/Independent Filmmaker Project 2015


UPDATE - March 27, 2018

"THE WEB" is a Screenplay Finalist 2018.

UPDATE - March 27, 2018

Official Selection "THE WEB"

UPDATE - March 27, 2018

"THE WEB" is an Official Selection of Film Fest L.A. Short Script Division/Mystery 2018. 

UPDATE - March 27, 2018

LiveRead Los Angeles "THE WEB" is a TOP 10 Finalist in short script division.

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