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A daughter finds a connection to the father she never knew through an unlikely source: a rare synthesizer he’d invented in the ‘70s.

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Alison Tavel’s quest to learn about the Resynator, a synthesizer her father invented in 1979, turns into a whirlwind adventure to discover the father she never knew as she collaborates with influential musicians around the globe all thirsting for their turn with the only known remaining Resynator in existence.


The documentary film is a journey to get to know my father - the man I never had a desire to know, until now. The Resynator he invented in the 70’s is the catalyst to discover him. Don had a mind for computer uses for music before most people could put those two ideas in the same sentence. My goal is to understand where his invention fits in music culture and technology, past and present, through sharing it with various musicians. Every musician who plays the Resynator interprets it in their own unique way, and it’s that magic I want to illuminate on camera. In a way, this film, and the album I will produce, is an opportunity to collaborate with my dad, to create music together, and to carry on his legacy. With Don’s former partner Mike Beigel, we will re-issue the Resynator to the market, three decades after its initial release. The “golden-era of analog synthesizers,” is having a resurgence and I have made it my job to make sure that the Resynator rides this wave, because it missed the last one. This film will include vérité style footage, sit-down interviews, archival materials, old family videos and high production value shoots in and out of studio recording sessions. Besides working with an experienced production team, I have put my iphone camera to good use, with intimate on-the-fly interviews, and sharing my intimate journey when a large crew could not be present. There is an insane nostalgia for the early days of synth technology, and a string of successful, globally distributed music documentaries, such as Searching for Sugarman, 20 Feet From Stardom, Amy, and Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, so I am confident that I will have a built-in audience for this film. What takes my documentary one step further is the personal family narrative that brings heart and soul into the process of learning about a synthesizer. In my case, the father-daughter narrative will draw empathy from audiences who may or may not have experienced the loss of a loved one, and the need to reconcile the past.



Alison Tavel is a 28 year old music tour manager. She has been touring for five years. Alison was previously a music supervisor for Reveille Studios, a TV production company. This is Alison's first time directing a documentary, but because this is her story to tell, there is no better person for the job! This documentary is music driven and therefore Alison’s connections in the music world are allowing her access to top level musicians who will be included in the project.


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