: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Production


Sorority sisters are sacred. Their core values come into question when one of the pledgees, Jordan Mosley, turns out to be a trans woman.


A sophomore at Freedman University, has been secretly living as a trans woman since Freshman year. Once Jordan’s birth gender is revealed, she is kicked out of school. Jordan faces her family with the shame of her actions. She finds solace in a trans support group but has seeks peace with her family.


When I am on my death bed, I want to know that my voice was heard. Leaving my voice about social, economic, spiritual and humanitarian issues via film, is the most effective way in which to speak. I don't believe in being silent. A silenced voice silences the spirit. So, I speak loudly. In my first feature, Hiding in Plain Sight, I wrote the original story challenging audiences to take a closer look at homelessness from the view of children at school who live in a car. The reaction of those who saw the film was overwhelming and eye opening. Because the audiences consisted of teachers, students, counselors, preachers, etc., I learned that the situation was more prevalent and the subject matter more relevant than I'd originally thought. I witnessed the impact the film had made and was blessed for the film to gain distribution. Another future feature film that I wrote is called I'satta. This film tackles the issue on young women being forced to be child soldiers and sex slaves in Liberia. It focuses on a captured 16 year old girl whose parents are killed by the militia in front of her and how she had to cleverly plan to not only free herself, but also a village of other young girls. I chose to write this film 6 years ago in order to magnify a serious situation that we've turned a blind eye to or are ignorant of. My films educate and bring uncomfortable subjects to the forefront. But, not all of them are subject matter heavy. The last film I produced was called A Man Called Jon. It's a light-hearted dramady about segregation in the churches. A white man is sent to take over a black church by accident. The struggles that he faces is not only hilarious but also makes you take a deeper look within yourself about racism. I hope that my films will allow me to continue to speak on the rights of all people and stand in the gap of those who can't. With the world in the shape that it's in, love is my driving force. And, I'll continue on..."and see what the ends gonna be".


Sharice Henry Chasi - Director/Producer

Sharice started her own film company, Higher Heights Film Works, in 2010 and produced her first short film “Normal Behavior” which was selected to three film festivals and received two nominations for Best Short Film and Best Texas Film. Her second film “Kissed by the Devil” was accepted into 18 film festivals and won 14 awards. She also produced and starred in “Hiding In Plain Sight”, which has won 12 awards and has secured domestic and international distribution. Sharice also produced “Steps of Faith” , which is currently being packaged for distribution, and is now prepping for “A Man Called Jon” to be released in the fall of 2017.

True Hinds - Writer/Producer

True Hinds is a writer-director. Harnessing a passion for visual storytelling, True began her career as a independent music video director. She has worked with musical talents such as Conya Doss, Cody ChesnuTT, and J*DaVey. In 2011, the Los Angeles Film School graduate won 1st place in the HBFF pitch-a-thon competition which served as a springboard for her screenwriting career.Working with fellow independent filmmakers script consulting, story editing, and script polishing, True has fine tuned her voice and writing style. True draws her inspiration from the rhythm of life which is infused in her intimate approach to each of her personal projects. She recently worked as story editor on RATED ATL (dir. Marvin Hayes, 2015), was co-writer on a project created by Stacey Muhammad, FINDING FOREVER (2015), and is currently in pre-production on a powerful feature tentatively titled DEEP (2016) which is about a transwoman living deep stealth.

Kelly Gray - Producer

Kelly started out in the motion picture business mentoring under Boomtown Productions producing music videos and commercials. Kelly took the challenge and started Mahogany Films and began producing music videos in 2004. In 2009, she produced her first feature film Black Angels which is listed as one of the top 50 African American films on Amazon of all time. Gray also one a co-producer on Hiding In Plain Sight, which has received 9 awards and accepted into 16 festivals. It also received a limited theatrical and broadcast run and now has worldwide release. Her current title, Steps of Faith has been screened in the United States and Canada and has received the Spirit Awards and Best Picture at Capital City Festival. Kelly recently completed Carter High, starring Charles Dutton and Vivica A. Fox and A Man Called Jon.


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