Blue Before Gray

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Post-Production


Tim Jones, a single father returns home slightly tipsy after a night out to his sleeping children. After falling asleep, his home is disturbed by Hoodlums in the neighborhood making noise. He makes a choice to stop the noise, even if it means taking a life.


 A working class single parent, TIM JONES returns homes from a night out at the bar to his 2 children: Tim II, 17 and JADE JONES, 11. After checking on them he goes to bed. In the middle of the night, Tim Jones sleep is interrupted when STREET HOODLUMS begin making noise in the middle of the neighborhood. Tensions rise between the groups when Tim Jones confronts the Hoodlums about being on his car and making noise.


My name is Phallon J. Beckham and I am a Film student in the MFA Filmmakingprogram at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). As a first time filmmaker, I amlooking to make a major impact in Baltimore, a city that doesn't get enough positive notoriety. It is my goal for Baltimore to be known for more than just drugs and despair.The uprising over the death of Freddie Gray was just the beginning of the revolution ofyoung voices that are in dire need to be heard. I am 1 of 15 students chosen to be partof the inaugural MFA Filmmaking program at MICA. I am also from Baltimore, so it is very important for me to leave a lasting impact on the community and to properly portray the real stories of urban living. My thesis short film, entitled Blue Before Gray, is based on my father’s reaction to the deterioration of his community and his choice to restore order, even ifthat restoration caused more harm than hope. My hope for this project, is to get people to realize that the face of gun violence is not always the gang banger, the mentally ill, or the police. But that it could be a hardworking, loving father, who is struggling to take care of his children by himself, who let one bad decision lead to another. It is important, that we as country come together and discover a solution to stop a problem that is quickly becoming the norm.


Phallon J. Beckham - Writer, Director, Producer

Phallon J. Beckham was born in Baltimore City in 1988 to Linda and Anthony Beckham. Beckham later attended Florida State University and graduated in 2012. She is currently attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in the MFA Filmmaking Program. Beckham is one of 15 people chosen to be apart of the inaugural class.


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