Desire's Masquerade

: Fiction
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Post-Production


To protect his wife’s estate, an indebted aristocrat attempts to blackmail an insidious oil baron.



Inspired by films like "Eyes Wide Shut," "There Will Be Blood," and "Under The Skin," Desire’s Masquerade is an existential morality play about the cyclical nature of human desire and greed. Set against the backdrop of an eccentric masquerade party, the film takes place at the Estate of a wealthy oil baron, where our protagonist is trapped in a continuum of morale choice. The story is split into three sections, and each section the characters are transfixed on specific lust of the ego: Sex, money and finally power. Inspired by the “cult of the self” evident in modern neo-liberal society, the film explores the pressures of the “egoic mind.” While Maxine attempts to gain the upper hand and save his wife’s estate, he is literally consumed by the desires that haunt his path, always leading him back to the start of his story. This is the continuum of desire: a never-ending loop of morale choice, fueled by the ego, unfulfilled and forever hungry. Satirical and intentionally provocative, the story asks the viewer to question his or her own pursuits of the ego.


Great filmmaking is about vision. Vision is the physical structure of creativity, forming in the mind. I believe in the kind of vision that leads to planning a proper execution, and can enable an entire creative team to navigate the roadmap to a polished film. I also believe in a vision of a greater world - one where love and connection trump egotism and greed - and through film I want to help foster that reality. As a manifestation of the "cult of the self" evident in modern neo-liberal society, this is a story focused on exploring the pressures of the "egoic mind." While Maxine attempts to gain the upper hand and save his wife’s estate, he is literally consumed by the desires that haunt his path, always leading him back to the start of his story. This is the continuum of desire: a never-ending loop of hollow satisfaction. At a time of rising sea levels, environmental collapse, and global economic injustice, I believe that stories like this one are more important to tell than ever.

This project is a massive canvas, created with the intention of showcasing the budding, world-class talents of Pacific Northwest writers, designers, and visual storytellers. Our moody characters and theme create the perfect backdrop to explore extravagant costumes, locations, and visual effects. The film will feature original costume designs by the award winning fashion designer Clayton Beck as his cinematic debut. Visual Effects guru Michael Miller, who’s created for shows like NBC’s Grimm, will complement the films styling with fantastical effects. Sound design will be produced by the award winning post production house Digital One. Our film is scheduled to premier at the 2017 Portland Young Filmmakers showcase (A festival for directors under 25), and will then travel to festivals around the world. Through a festival exhibition, we will seek industry exposure, creating connections and using the opportunity to launch future feature film endeavors. But before we get there, we need your help funding our film!


Jesse Vinton - Director

Jesse’s creative endeavors have always been in service of one goal: Elevating his cinematic vision. As a young director/filmmaker, Jesse has written, directed and edited numerous music videos, commercials, and short film experiments since graduating college with a double major in Film Studies & Advertising in 2013. Over the past few years he’s thrown himself in to the production industry, initially directing music videos, such as the 2013 “Lucid Dream” Music Video that he personally Kickstart-funded, and eventually creating films for clients such as Seven Lions, Adidas, and ESPN. Today, as a proud business owner at Vinton Depiction, Jesse resides in SE Portland, collaborating and sharing his passion with his community. See Jesse's director reel:

Michael Coen - Producer

Michael Coen has held business development and leadership positions across industries. With a passion for filmmaking and a love of cinematography, Michael injects his business expertise into the creative process to efficiently execute successful film projects. Michael is currently developing multiple entertainment properties with his collaborator, Vinton Depiction.

Michael Miller - Visual Effects Production

Michael is an entrepreneur and film production enthusiast. He got his start in the film world on YouTube and has since worked on a number of feature films, TV shows, commercials, and music videos. Though his specialty is Visual Effects, he has experience in camera operation, editing, graphic playback and monster hunting. As onset VFX Supervisor and Senior Compositor on NBC’s Grimm, Michael has had plenty of opportunity to both create and destroy monsters of all types. When he’s not saving the planet from a monster invasion, or digitally creating one, he enjoys adventuring around the world with his wife and daughter.

Andrea Tomoe - Production Manager & Associate Producer

Andrea earned her Bachelors degree in Telecommunications and Film Studies. While living in Los Angeles, she had the opportunity to work on numerous productions, both in office and on set. Some of the companies she has worked for include Fremantle Media, (American Idol, the X-Factor and Let's Make a Deal), Katalyst, and Beach Body. On set, Andrea coordinated productions for Target, P-90x, Stoli Vodka, and Walmart. Now in Portland, she continues to work in video production for music artists like Seven Lions and commercials for brands like Intel, Columbia Sportwear and Johnson and Johnson. Her passions in video production include screenwriting, voice over acting and production managing.  

Clayton Beck - Costume Designer

Clayton aims to create wearable art that inspires, empowers, and uplifts people. He believes that within each of us is a light that, if we can open up to it, will shine through to all aspects of reality. With this goal in mind, Clayton has committed his life to helping bring beauty into peoples lives. Witness Clayton's creations in runway shows like Portland Fashion Week and cutting edge film projects for artists like Seven Lions.


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