A Thanksgiving Murder

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: Transmedia Narrative
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: Pre-Production


Thanksgiving turns into a murder mystery when the aunt that everybody hates suddenly dies at the dinner table.


The Smith's family gathers for Thanksgiving dinner. The night goes incredibly wrong when the aunt that everyone hates dies and Charles must solve the murder.


This web project demonstrates how family history, big personalities, and sense of responsibility for one another all collide during the holidays in a hilarious way. Each character mirroring members of the audience’s family; the eternal optimist and glue to the family, the troublemaker and the youngest member of the family.


Harold Williams - Writer/Producer
We will begin production in September, filming over the course of two days. We will begin Post Production in late September, early October. November will be designated for marketing and promotion of the web project with an screening date on Thanksgiving.


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