The Scarlet Tongue Project

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


The Scarlet Tongue Project is a documentary film, collective, and movement, exploring the social taboo of anger through art, culture, and intersectional feminism. 


A global documentary project that explores the social taboo of anger as it is expressed by womxn through art. Through the voices of movers, shakers, and muses from seven different cultures, we return to the roots of the human experience, and our desire as womxn to live it openly.
The Scarlet Tongue is East meets West, North meets South, feminine meets masculine, and creature meets human. Through documentary film and live performance, we utilize the languages of sound, body, and light to tell these stories. Honoring the relationship between artist and audience, and artists with each other, we create a community of cultural exchange where age, gender, ethnicity, philosophy and inspiration all join together to explore the current revolution of freedom in expression. 


Our mission is to specifically explore intersectional feminism, womxn’s relationships with anger, and how to integrate this energy with creativity to fuel action and healing.

The subject of anger today is incredibly relevant and has become a trend in media representation. What sets us apart is our ability to meet anger and say, “Yes, and…” When this project began, the sole focus was to examine the flash point anger itself. As we have grown and evolved in this work, we recognize that now there is a pressing need to understand what to do with anger once we’ve acknowledged and honored its existence. We want to know who we are wholly with access to anger and what we can build once we’ve allowed anger to help us establish boundaries. We want to hone our skills for fluidly embodying both roles of empowered leaders and empowered support for ourselves and our communities. Anger is a relational emotion, so relationships are a strong focus for this project. We highlight diversity of all kinds in our work because we live in a diverse world where diverse conditioning and outdated beliefs create friction, which can trigger anger. How anger feels and manifests for one person is not the same for the next, and we need to break down generalizations, embrace exploration, and learn how to supportively co-exist without elimination of anger. Through the collective’s actions and the transparency of our creative processes, we demonstrate healthy ways to have hard conversations, listen, be vulnerable, hold ourselves accountable, and offer resources. We want to demonstrate that disagreement can be powerful and strengthening, and how to find tools to discern between discomfort and toxicity. In an increasingly global society, we want to show that respectful cultural exchange is possible, and that with this mindfulness we can help to prevent further appropriation. We wish for womxn around the world to see their faces and hear their stories in our work, ultimately inspiring a ripple effect of positive change. 


Samantha Bryan - Producer, Director

Samantha Bryan is a performance artist, activist, and producer, currently living in Salem, MA. She is a proud member of The Slaughterhouse Sweethearts and The Lipstick Criminals, and former member of Vadalna Tribal Dance Company until their close in 2014. In 2007 she graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts, and after many years of working as a chef around the country, she decided to return to creating art full-time. Through her travels while touring, producing, and furthering her education, she became very passionate about women's issues, outsider cultures, and understanding art as a form of activism and awareness. She previously directed a short film in 2014 on women in metal, “Sirens of Doomsday”, to accompany a live performance in Boston, MA. Her current primary focus is on bringing The Scarlet Tongue Project to life, both as a form of expression and education.

Beren Jones - Camera Operator/Editor
Beren Jones is “just a nerd with a camera”. He is a Boston-based videographer, film crew, and video editor. He has worked on independent films and documentaries, nationally-distributed commercials, and event photography. He is often around Boston shooting for local burlesque troupes, the Boston Circus Guild, the Boston Derby Dames, and Old School Game Show. If he's not there or editing, he can usually be found at a local comic shop expounding on why Wonder Woman is so much better than Batman (who is, in fact, the worst).


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