Jillian's Peak

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GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production



Is an inspirational story about Jillian Thomas an African American woman who is married to a man and struggling with the truth that she is gay. Jillian is a successful photographer from Detroit and wants to live her life as it was meant to be and not what society tells her she should be. Join Jillian on her journey searching for her inner true.


 Jillian's Peak is 15-18-minutes scripted inspirational drama. Episode One "The Wedding Scene" is the pilot. We will be tackling some of the African American Lesbian issues like family, community, and gay youth. The series evolves through Jillian’s marriage to Keith with twists in feelings of sexual jealousy and rivalry, expectations within relationships, and infidelity. Jillian’s career in photography causes conflict with Keith as he sees this as a threat to his vision of home life. Keith feels he is losing his wife, and in the end the marriage dissolves. Jillian moves to New York to pursue her career as a photographer, and discovers much more about herself. There are expectations commonly assumed as Jillian meets her first lesbian interest Shana. With the help of her best friend Gail and a colorful cast of supporting characters, this story is a journey of self-discovery, challenges, and much more.

Our mission in developing this series is to encourage the visibility of  women of color in the LGBTQ community, specifically women of African American descent whose lives are not part of the syndicated programming in mainstream media. A demographic that is underrepresented. There is a need for more true characterizations of lesbian women of color in an original scripted drama that were not represented in other series. Jillian’s Peak aim to tap into a massive audience to share our commitment to creating the type of premium quality content exploring lesbian women of color families, celebrating their lives, empowering the viewers, and to learn not to fear the stigma about lesbians of African American, Hispanic, Asian, Caribbean descent, and other ethnicity's culture and their lives thru film platforms worldwide. Most importantly to combat the negative stigma by television networks. What better way to increase the visibility and ensure that our stories get produced and seen in the mainstream media to inspire and change the world.




Charzette Torrence is a Fine Arts Photographer who was the first African-American to graduate from the prestigious College of Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan. For over thirty years Charzette's work has been recognized for its positive portrayal of people whom mainstream media has tried to marginalize. Starting with portraits of social issues and change, her photographs of black single working parents was brought by the historic Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture for placement in their collection of black art. As an out and proud lesbian, Charzette shot campaigns for LGBTQI organizations like "Between the Lines and Detroit's "Hotter than July". She documented the late Ruth Ellison's life through photos prior to her passing. Charzette's photography innovate her as a leader in LGBTQI art community with her 50-piece portrait series of gay and lesbian known and unknown which toured around the country including at the first Gay and Lesbian Center in Ferndale, Michigan. A recipient of the Vice Versa Award, Charzette featured the cover of Between the Lines magazine in addition to Rosa Parks Volunteer Award teaching photography to Detroit's inner city children. She also chaired the woman’s CAB at Collen Lorde Health Center in 2014


Charzette Torrence - CO-Executive Producer/ Co-Creator/Writer

Was born in Detroit, MI and currently lives in New York for over twenty years, she has been recognized for her positive portrayals of people whom mainstream media has tried to marginalize. Like her 50-piece photographic series “Just as We Are,” In 2010 She started transitioning into becoming a filmmaker and Join NYWIFT, IFP, Sag New Media and a W/MBE. Charzette and her partner Danielle Johnson wanted to learn as much as they can about films. Their first project as content creators is “Jillian’s Peak”, depicts African American lesbians and LGBTQI as positive realistic people. Jillian’s Peak is an Inspirational story of Charzette life as a lesbian. Her photography work is in Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and other museums and galleries. In 1992 she was the first African-American that ran the night lab at Main Photography Workshop. She Chaired and raised funds for the women’s advisory board of Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in 2014. Charzette received her BFA in photography from the College for Creative Studie

Danielle Johnson - Co-Executive Producer/Co- Creator/Writer/Musical Director

Is a native New Yorker from the boogie down the Bronx, born into a family of jazz Musicians. Taking the lead from her father and late cousin and mentor Clarence Slatter Jr., Danielle started playing drums at the age of six. She eventually went on to play several other instruments to include Rhythm Guitar, Jazz and Precision Bass, Keyboards, and Saxophone. With over forty years of music background, Danielle started her own music production company with her partner Charzette known as “DeeJay & Cats Production providing music for Jillian’s Peak, commercials, and DJ soundtracks to name a few. Just as writing music is a passion for her. So was writing “Jillian’s Peak” with her partner Charzette as a content creator. Which is her partner Inspirational story. They both wanted to do this for the African American Lesbians and LGBTQI community. Because their life is not depicted in film or television at all in a realist way.


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