The Secret Dream

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


Disillusioned by the death of his mentor, a blind painter is bequeathed a wondrous gift.


Daniel is a blind painter. He has been taught to see past the darkness by his aged mentor, Jean. When Jean suddenly passes away, Daniel is alone, isolated, and no longer able to take the brush to canvas. Trapped in the blackness that has, once again, shrouded his life, it is a posthumous gift from the old man, a fantastic journey of emotion, sight and sound, that brings life back to the canvas and new inspiration back to Daniel's brush.


What makes Le Rêve Secret both familiar and relevant is that ultimately, it’s a story of self-redemption. Daniel’s struggle is specific yet it speaks volumes to people from all walks of life on a deeply personal and human level. How do we cope with our own limitations? Do we allow them to defeat us or motivate us? What are we willing to risk in love and in life? These are all questions we reflect on at one time or another. This story is ripe for telling now. In a society that is steeped heavily in social media and self-absorption, it’s difficult to come across material that challenges and engages in a unique and creative way. Le Rêve has a very human story to offer, and its execution will be rendered in illustrious shades of reality and magical realism – the collision of these two worlds will make for a sensual and exciting experience for audiences all over the world. I have a very intimate understanding of Daniel’s struggle with his own self-worth. For a time, he allows his condition to hinder him, making it impossible to access his artistic abilities and the richest parts of his imagination. He loses a part of himself that was trained to see the light, even after it vanished. I can relate to that conflict and I hope it will resonate with others, even so far as generating a public discourse over humanity’s struggle with self-acceptance and value…


Stefano Da Frè - Actor/Producer
Stefano had his first big break in Oscar-winner Ang Lee’s feature film, “Taking Woodstock.” He has since landed guest-starring roles on CBS’s “Blue Bloods,” MTV’s “One Bad Choice,” and a lead role alongside Emmy-winner Rena Sofer in the Holocaust drama “Immunity.” Stefano has recently won a Best Shorts Competition Award of Excellence for his work in “In Parallel” and was nominated for a Best Actor award at the Chelsea Film Festival. He is excited for the opportunity to resume the role of Daniel in “Le Rêve Secret,” as the blind artist and living testament to the human will.


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