Loss and Found

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: Pre-Production


Who rescues who.


When filmmaker Jon Mancinetti lost his best friend, his dog Russell, it had quite an impact on his life. Loss and Found is a true to life re-telling of Jon’s story with a comedic twist. Jon decides to foster another dog from the shelter named Smokey and finds purpose in his life through saving the lives of more rescue dogs.


Writer director Jon Mancinetti found purpose in his life through saving the lives of homeless animals. Through fostering and adopting more rescue dogs, Jon learns there is a deeper meaning to his life. This short film will be comical and entertaining but most importantly raise awareness on issues surrounding rescue dogs like, shelter overcrowding, pit bull breed discrimination, and fostering and adopting.


Andrew Ina - Director of Photography
Emmy award winning director of photography, worked with Mancinetti Pictures on several film shoots. Jon and Andrew have been friends for years and collaborating on films since high school. Andrew has shot numerous short films all across the world and is currently shooting documentaries and shorts for PBS. His last short film, “Tiny Out Loud” was accepted into numerous prestigious film festivals. http://andrewina.com/video

Alex Winter - Editor
Award winning editor first started as an intern with Mancinetti Pictures helping edit music videos and commercials. They have continued to work together on countless professional projects and he has become a valuable asset to every production he helps with. http://www.bhmedia.us/

ChrisPaul - Soundtrack
Award winning music producer, worked closely with Mancinetti Pictures creating original scores for numerous commercials and films. https://soundcloud.com/officialchrispaul


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