Sadistic Intent

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Horror
STATUS: Completed


Two metal musicians seeking artistic inspiration entrap a young woman within a remote mansion estate.


Desperate for success and quickly loosing grip, a pair of metal musicians lure a young woman to a remote mansion in hopes of inspiring their next album. However, tensions arise between the two band mates as one of them accidentally falls in love with their soon-to-be victim. Tangled in a web of violence and deceit, this young woman is forced to fight for her life in order to escape the confines of a deadly band practice.


The responsibility of the artist has always been to contribute something of significant importance to the world around them. To affect. To inspire. To share a common experience. This is why we require art. But what happens when an obsession with affection causes the artist to lose sight of ones self? To what extent will the artist go in attempt to leave their mark? And how many lives will be lost along the way?



Jason Walter Short - Producer

Jason is a Brooklyn based Independent Producer. In 2010, Jason began an apprenticeship with the camera-dolly & equipment rental-house, Tracking Shot, taking every opportunity to grip on set. 2011, Jason started getting work as scenery-shop assistant. 2012, Jason picked-up part-time gigs as a Locations Assistant with the series Royal Pains. Later that year, Jason was a producer on a half-hour comedy pilot for Dir. Brendan Walsh. In 2013, Jason produced first-time feature director Alfred Padilla’s micro budget feature, Best Man In the Dark. During the 2014-15 festival seasons, Best Man screened with various festivals globally, winning awards at Rincon IFF, Amsterdam FF, Laughlin IFF, and Mexico IFF. He is very excited to have IFP as a Fiscal Sponsor, and aims to do their brand justice with the support of Your tax-deductible donation to the program!

Eric Pennycoff - Director

Having worked in the film industry as a writer, director and editor for the past seven years, Eric Pennycoff has been involved with the production of feature films, short narratives, commercial campaigns and music videos. His most recent narrative directorial work “M is for Mariachi” was included in the ABC’s of Death 2.5 anthology, which has gone on to be distributed by Drafthouse Films via VOD platforms. It’s reputable success has led to numerous reviews and has earned praise from the online horror community. Substream Magazine called “M is for Mariachi” “The perfect short”.

Jeremy Gardner - Lead Actor

Jeremy Gardner is an actor and director best known for "THE BATTERY", "SPRING", "THE MIND'S EYE" and "PSYCHOPATHS". 

Michael Patrick Nicholson - Lead Actor

Michael Patrick Nicholson is an actor best known for "WE ARE STILL HERE" and "ARE WE NOT CATS".

Taylor Zaudtke - Lead Actress

Taylor Zaudtke is an actress best known for "THE EGG AND THE HATCHET" and "FINGERS".

Larry Fessenden - Special Appearance

Larry Fessenden is an actor, director and producer best known for owning and operating the infamous NYC based production company Glass Eye Pix. He has been featured in such films as "YOU'RE NEXT", "IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE",  "STAKELAND", "THE BRAVE ONE" and "WE ARE STILL HERE".

Malcolm A. Purnell - Director of Photography

Malcolm A. Purnell graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Upon completing his degree he began work at NFL Films Laboratory developing answer prints. He also worked evenings as an ENG/studio operator with WYBE TV35 in Philadelphia. He then moved on to working at ARRI/CSC camera rental in New York City, where he was introduced to the television and feature world. He left CSC and became a camera trainee on Law and Order, and then moved up the ranks of the camera department. He worked on such television shows and movies as: 100 Centre Street, The Royal Pains, 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, The Education of Max Bickford, Wedding Crashers, 25th Hour, and Rescue Me, as well as the Oscar nominated film, The Wrestler. In between his career responsibilities he has found time to continue his passion for cinematography by organizing and shooting his own projects, which has allowed him to practice what he has learned from working with some of the most talented and experienced professional cameramen in the industry.

Brian Spears - Prosthetic Makeup Effects

Brian Spears is a makeup artist and prosthetic effects designer known for his work on films such as "THE MIND'S EYE", "THE SACRAMENT", "STAKELAND", "COLD IN JULY" and "THE INNKEEPERS".

Sean Fowler - Executive Producer

Sean Fowler, the founder of Alexander Gourpe has produced feature films, documentaries, shorts, and television series including Mickey Keating's debut Ritual - distributed by Lionsgate, POD - SXSW 2015 World Premiere; Vertical Entertainment release, Darling - 2015 Fantastic Fest premiere; 2016 Screen Media release, and Psychopaths - 2017 TriBeCa Film Festival premiere.

John R. Cocke Jr. - Executive Producer

An avid fan and student of film, Sadistic Intent is John Cocke’s first official outing as Executive Producer. Driven by his passion for bringing characters and stories to life on screen, John assists in organization, logistics, and funding essential to create an incredible and immersive experience for the production team and fellow fans of motion pictures.


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