Going Blind

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
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Going Blind: Coming out of the Dark about Vision Loss skillfully tells stories of everyday people and their heroic efforts they make to live in today’s world with vision loss.


When Peabody award winning director Joe Lovett realizes his doctors are not answering his questions about vision loss caused by his glaucoma, he takes to the streets to talk to people with guide dogs and canes and asks “how did you make the adjustment?” They take him into the secret world of the blind, a new world of ever-developing new technologies, resources and vision rehabilitation.



Going Blind is a film about learning to deal with vision loss. I didn't know that my ignorance of the world of the blind was typical of the general population and that includes many blind and visually impaired people themselves and their doctors. In meeting inspiring people in different stages of vision loss on the street and hearing their stories, I realized that theirs was a story that must be told. Theirs was a story that sighted people passed every day and never heard.

I’ve learned that there is a mortal fear about vision loss that is so great that it allows sighted to people to purposefully ignore the visually impaired people they share the world with. Going Blind lets the two worlds talk to each other. With my having one foot in the sighted world and one foot in the world of the blind, using myself as guide into this “secret world” allows sighted people to be less afraid than if I had already lost all of my vision.

Each of the characters in Going Blind taught me about resources available to help people stay actively engaged in their lives, yet less than 5% of visually impaired people receive these life-changing services. Twenty-five million Americans are blind or visually impaired and that number is growing. Eventually, vision loss will touch every one of us, either directly or through the people that we love.



Joseph Lovett - Producer, Director, Writer

 An HBO, ABC, CBS, PBS and Discovery veteran documentarian, Joseph Lovett has produced over 35 hours of prime time television programs and award-winning independent films that inform, inspire and compel people into action.

Hilary Klotz Steinman - Producer

 For her 15 plus years working as an independent documentary filmmaker, Hilary Klotz Steinman has received an Emmy and a Christopher award. Her work has been featured on PBS, CNBC and NBC.

Jamie Hogan - Editor

Jamie Hogan co-edited Going Blind and managed production of the Going Blind DVD. She joined Lovett Productions in 2008 and currently serves as its senior editor and post-production supervisor. 

Woo Jung Cho - Outreach Manager

 In her roles as producer, distribution consultant and attorney, Woo Jung Cho has worked on over 20 award-winning documentaries and is the Head of Production at Lovett Stories + Strategies.

Julie Gaynin - Outreach Coordinator

 As Outreach Coordinator, Julie Gaynin manages the day-to-day operations of the Going Blind and Going Forward Outreach Campaign helping organizations to use the film as a tool to raise awareness in their communities.


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UPDATE - January 09, 2013

 Going Blind was the subject of a National Eye Institute webinar this past September and drew the highest number of registrants in history. Later that month, the film began its year-long run available to public television stations around the country and to date, 177 broadcasts have been scheduled between September and November alone. Over 100 Outreach Partner organizations are helping to get the word out, and many are organizing their own screenings at the same time as the broadcast to celebrate October’s Blindness Awareness Month, National Disability Awareness Month, White Cane Day and World Sight Day.

UPDATE - January 09, 2013

 Going Blind screened on September 19, 2012 in Washington DC to a packed audience of legislators, Hill and agency staffers, and veterans’ representatives. Senator John Boozman of Arkansas provided a special introduction of the film, and a panel discussion followed. The event was sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Blinded Veterans Association and Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight. A successful Indiegogo crowd funding campaign provided the remaining funding for the event.

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