Among Mountain Crags

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Post-Production


A young woman flees her coal mining town with a handsome stranger. But as they fall deeper in love in the mountains, his past demons begin to affect their relationship in tragic ways that she could not foresee.


Coralie Whitt - ostracized in a forgotten coal mining town - has a chance at love and a new life when the handsome young Willie Lowe arrives. But as the two travel North through the Appalachian Mountains, their seemingly idyllic journey turns dark and mysterious. Willie slowly reveals himself to be far from the man Coralie hoped he was.


IFP’s Fiscal Sponsorship is the perfect fit for AMONG MOUNTAIN CRAGS, as we’re a group of emerging artists aiming to tell an innovative and deeply relevant story with a beautiful visual agenda. At the helm of this story told through the lense of a young woman struggling to find her place in the world, are a female director and a female screenwriter, who together are producing their first feature film and striving to make an impact on the larger independent film community.

This film is contained in its dramatic scope: two characters meet, fall in love, and begin their journey away from a stifling, remote town, where only one of them eventually returns. But it's the elements underneath the surface of the plot itself that lend AMONG MOUNTAIN CRAGS its more complex emotional impact. Our aim is to point to a shared sense of humanity through this story of a young woman who sees no choice for herself aside from staying in a community where she is persecuted, or leaving with a man who claims to offer her protection and a new life.

The landscape of Appalachia serves as a powerful metaphor and compelling universal truth: that the confines of our private worlds, and our own carefully curated exteriors, have the potential to serve as physical and emotional prisons if we don't have the courage to acknowledge our ability to change the course of our own futures.

We returned to West Virginia this summer for principal photography, as well as parts of Western North Carolina, to achieve the feeling of a remote landscape that seems to be lost in time.  It was an amazing experience, but our filmmaking journey is not yet complete as we are still working to raise funds to complete sound design, scoring, color correction, and to support a festival run.  That being said, the footage we have is spectacular.

AMONG MOUNTAIN CRAGS will be a compelling drama, with a powerful message of self-determination for women, that has the ability to reach vast audiences hungry for an innovative and haunting story.  We hope you'll be a part of this journey with us.


Kyle Frederick - Co-Writer/Director/Producer

Kyle Frederick is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter. She holds an MFA from USC's School of Cinematic Arts, an undergraduate Art History degree from Williams College, and has logged time at such production companies as Focus Features, Bona Fide Productions, Indian Paintbrush, and Scott Free. She has a passion for art house cinema and loves crafting character-driven dramas within arresting visual landscapes.

Erin Frederick - Writer/Actress/Producer

Erin Frederick cuts her teeth on creating all-encompassing atmospheres inhabited by complex, nuanced characters. Erin graduated with honors from NYU, where she majored in French and Classics. She honed her acting and screenwriting skills through NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and studied Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Most recently she was a Fellow at the Sundance Institute Intensive Screenwriting Lab for her project VAGABUNDUS.

Michael Patrick O'Leary - Cinematographer

Michael Patrick O'Leary has been working in the film industry for over fifteen years on everything from commercials and documentaries to music videos and big budget feature films. He is a cinematographer, still photographer, storyteller, and collaborator.

Jesse Robinson - Editor

Jesse Robinson received his MFA at USC's School of Cinematic Arts and has worked as an editor and assistant editor on numerous features and shorts to include GRANDMA, ALL THE WILDERNESS, and THE LABYRINTH. He is currently in post-production on his own directorial debut NORMAN & MARION.


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