Perfectly Audible

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Development


You don’t have to hear music to feel it, and for Cadence—who has been deaf for as long as he can remember—making music acts as an emotional escape. That is, until he develops feelings for his longtime friend and band-mate. As Cadence tries to make it in music and in love, he also must navigate family relationships and the constant fluidity of gender.


A deaf young man must come to terms with his romantic feelings for his male band-mate in this short film about music, love, and gender. CADENCE was born intersex and raised male, a decision made by his parents in his infancy. His father struggles with his son's gender. Eventually, he leaves the family. 

Years later at a performance at a small music venue, an older Cadence and Rico’s talent is on full display. The crowd receives them warmly, but in the aftermath of the successful show, Cadence takes a beat from the celebration to compose himself. He has made the decision to tell Rico about his gender and the romantic feelings he has for his best friend. After finally priming himself to open up to his band-mate, Cadence catches a glimpse of Rico in the middle of flirting heavily with an attractive young lady, as another woman seductively saunters in Cadence’s direction. It’s all too much, and Cadence storms from the venue, feeling a mixture of emotions. Rico chases after him, confused by his friend’s behavior, but Cadence is gone. Cadence dodges phone calls, believing that it is Rico phoning. He gets a voicemail notification, spurring him to finally check his device. But, it’s not Rico that has been calling. It’s the hospital. It’s about his mother. In a little graveyard, in front of a small crowd including Rico, Cadence says a final goodbye to his mother. After the service, his father approaches him. Cadence doesn’t want to see his father, or speak to him. His father hands him a photo urging him to be the person he wants to be. Cadence rips it in half, then marches away. Her father hangs his head, then staggers in the other direction. Rico moves over to the place recently vacated by father and son, staring at the torn picture. He sees Cadence at one month old, dressed in feminine clothing. Rico decides to hold on to the photo.

Cadence at his mother's house is overcome with tears. Cadence begins stripping down everything he has ever been due to his mother. It is at that moment she decides to be the person she wants to be, and not be defined by the sex her mother chose for her. When his stream of sent text messages go unanswered, Rico decides to pay Cadence a visit. He rings the bell several times to no avail. Cadence still doesn’t want to see him. So, Rico tapes the picture to the door, along with the message “I know who you are and when you’re ready, I’d love to meet her”. Cadence runs out of the door to meet Rico down the street and they reunite for the first time.


Perfectly Audible is a passion project that I have had on my heart for a few years now. I am a Newscast Director, and a story was once shared where a mother chose the gender of daughter of her born son due to his intersex medical condition. Later in life, the son decided that he truly wanted to be male and started the process of becoming male again. It was a very interesting topic because you do not hear about this much in main stream media and being raised in a very conservative area of America I felt I wasn't alone by not knowing about this topic more. I have always wanted to share stories of those who do not have much or any voice at all. As an African American filmmaker, we haven't had much of a voice in the film community. In contrast, someone who identifies as intersex and African American, truly has no voice at all. I'm hoping that this film would be the beginning of a true revolution of hearing voices unheard.


Philip H. Williamson Jr. - Director/Writer

Philip Williamson Jr. is currently a Show Director at the FOX-affiliated station, WTXF, in Philadelphia. He formed an alliance with Colored Section founder, Jonathan Jackson after moving to New Orleans in 2012. Williamson has played an integral role in the production of several acclaimed works including "Neon Love in Pastel Colors", which made its premiere at Cannes Film Festival's Short Corner and was an Official Selection of the New Orleans Film Festival 2014. "Greenlight", which was an Official Selection of The New Orleans Film Festival 2015 and placed third in the Annual PBS Online Film Festival in 2016. In the fall of 2016, Williamson was the recipient of the Magnifying Glass Fellowship, which granted him the funding to direct the short documentary, "After Claudetteia." He also was mentored by Lisa Cortés, Executive Producer of Academy Award-winning film "Precious, as part of the Emerging Voices Mentoring Program at the 2017 New Orleans Film Festival.

Jonathan Isaac Jackson - Producer

Jonathan Isaac Jackson is an independent writer and director based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Upon graduating from the University of New Orleans Jonathan established The American New Wave Media Group. The company was originally founded as a creative agency with the objective of providing artistic assistance to area musicians and small businesses. In 2016, the agency underwent a creative transformation and was ultimately rebranded as The Colored Section. The impetus for the transformation was the woeful lack of representation and opportunities for minorities in Hollywood and the film industry as a whole. The acclaimed Jackson has received several distinctions for his work as well as his artistry. In 2014, he was selected to participate in The New Orleans Film Festival’s inaugural “Emerging Voices” program that was sponsored by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In the program, he was mentored by the Emmy nominated director and producer Dawn Porter (Gideon’s Army and Spies of Mississippi). That same year he reached the top 200 of HBO’s Project Greenlight contest. In 2016, his short film Greenlight placed 3rd in the PBS Online Film Festival.

Jaime Blanson - Producer/Writer

Jaime Blanson is currently an MFA screenwriting student at National University whose staff includes an Emmy winner, a Nicholl fellow, and several film producers and studio executives. In 2013 she was selected as a semifinalist in the National Association of Television Program Executives’ Pitch-con Hollywood Player Pitch Contest. A year later she began interning for the Comedy Ninja Film Festival where she assisted film directors, Charles Parello and Quentin Lee. In 2016 she co-wrote and produced After Claudetteia, a short documentary in which former teachers and students recount the 2015 Claudetteia Love incident.


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