This Little Land of Mines

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


This Little Land of Mines is about the resilience of the Lao people as they work to clear 80 million unexploded American bombs from when the U.S. bombed Laos more than any country on Earth.  


During the Vietnam War era, the United States secretly bombed Laos more heavily than any country on Earth. The U.S. dropped 270 million bombs on Laos as part of a nine-year C.I.A mission--the largest covert C.I.A operation in history. While this is shocking, it isn't the most shocking part: 80 million bombs have yet to explode and continue to kill innocent people. Today, Lao people are resilient as they live among and work to clear the unexploded American bombs. 


From the beginning, it was important to us for every aspect of this film to be intentional and original. We didn’t want to create another generic, talking-head-filled, military-history-jargon documentary that we could churn out quickly (although that would have been easier). From the musical score composition to the color correction to the sound design, this documentary will be tastefully crafted with care. The Lao people deserve for this story to finally be told to American audiences.




Erin McGoff - Producer/Director/Editor

Erin McGoff is recently received a B.A. in Film & Media Arts with a minor in Marketing from American University. Erin grew up in a musical household where she played various instruments, sang, recorded albums and operated a family-owned recording studio. Erin has produced and directed several short films, music videos, promotional videos and has worked on set in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and New York City. She has interned for several production companies and most recently interned for Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. She is very interested in composing original score and field producing but loves every aspect of filmmaking. Currently, she resides in Washington, DC and is producing a documentary about the 80 million unexploded bombs from the US Secret War in Laos.

Ka Xiong - 2nd Camera, Co-Editor & Translator

Ka Xiong is an emerging filmmaker and photographer in Luang Prabang, Laos. He has attended and showcased some of his work at various photography and filmmaking workshops supported by the Swiss Embassy and NGOs in the region. Currently, Ka teaches beginner and more advanced classes in photography and filmmaking at @My Library with the support of the Swiss Embassy. Ka’s goal is to open up a local media center in Luang Prabang as a hub for emerging artists to share their work and refine their filmmaking and photography skills.

Cyril Eberle - Director of Photography/Fixer

French-German filmmaker Cyril Eberle is a devoted storyteller with a career spanning documentary, short film, commercial, online, music video, media installation, event movie and corporate productions. While creative concepts and storytelling are his passion, Cyril has accumulated a wealth of experience in all aspects of production and post-production. Cyril set up three offices for Avantgarde Film in Berlin, Dubai and Shanghai. He was head of production and creative director, working for international clients around the world. Since 2012, Cyril has worked as an independent director, creative director and photographer/cinematographer. Cyril has directed films such as ARABIC FUSION, HASARD, RUMAN, and DAYFLY. He is currently developing a series of independent short documentary productions, co-directing a TV documentary entitled Mysteries of the Mekong and established the Cultural Media Library in Southeast Asia.

Simon Cote - Line Producer

After completing his studies in art and cinema, Simon began an entrepreneurial career in Laos where he specializes in multimedia creation as an art director for ten years. Back to Canada, he co-founded a web series network, where he started hosting and producing fiction and documentary content. Then, he founded The International Montreal Webfest, to showcases digital series from all over the world.  He is currently in development of a travel reality TV series, and always looking and developing compelling film, documentary and tv projects.


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